The PresbiViz method

The PresbiViz method is an innovative « lasik » surgery that is reliable and simple. A unique opportunity for 40-50yr olds who don’t want to wear glasses!

The stages of the operation

- The first step is to precisely measure the cornea using the CRS-Master, this device gives an accurate map of the cornea detailing the form, shape and relief of the eye.
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This information is then analysed by the Laser Blended Vision software and transmitted directly to two further lasers which are also linked to the software.

- The femtosecond laser, VisuMax then enacts the first stage of treatment by making a small corneal flap which can then be lifted. This laser is the highest performing of its generation giving maximum security, precision and comfort.

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- The patient experiences no pain during the operation. They lie back in the operating chair which then pivots between the different devices, The second laser, the Excimer MEL 80 is then utilised to treat the presbyopia.

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- The corneal measurements are examined and once the surgeon has lifted the corneal flap the laser beam can then be guided over the cornea to modify and correct the form before replacing the flap.

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- The patient then takes a break in the restroom and can then return home. They will be seen again the next day by the surgeon. The visual recuperation is fairly immediate and you are able to work the next day.