The PresbiViz method

The PresbiViz method is an innovative « lasik » surgery that is reliable and simple. A unique opportunity for 40-50yr olds who don’t want to wear glasses!

The Method

PresbiViz is a classic « lasik » surgery which has been adapted for presbyopia and combines the technology of 4 devices:

- The corneal exploration platform the CRS-Master
- The Zeiss VisuMax femtosecond laser
- The Excimer laser, the MEL 80 from Zeiss
- The Laser Blended Vision software

This esteemed, high performing method is very reliable and is based on the principal of all-laser lasik. The originality is provided by a new method of corneal treatment thanks to Laser Blended Vision.

Each person has one eye which is naturally ‘dominant’ and is favoured for distance vision; the other eye is used for near vision.

Laser Blended Vision exaggerates this natural state by treating the ‘dominant’ to see far and intermediate objects, while treating the other eye to see near and intermediate objects.

The combination of these two visions gives an increased depth of field. It also gives very good near and far vision with an excellent binocular middle distance capacity. Intermediate vision is the most used in daily life (working on a screen, conversations, cooking, gardening, shopping….).

The second benefit of PresbiViz is the use of the Zeiss femtosecond laser, VisuMax to create the small strip which will then be lifted back to allow the excimer laser to treat the cornea below.

The VisuMax is the latest in femtosecond laser technology, it is extremely precise, reliable and pain free and leaves no ocular redness.