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I am myopic, astigmatic and presbyopic, can I be operated on?

Yes, where the defaults are associated with the presbyopia an intervention could correct them all. A detailed study of your personal parameters would need to be conducted at first.

Will I still need glasses ?

No, in your daily life you will no longer need to wear glasses. However in certain circumstances you might be more comfortable with glasses for example: prolonged reading of a book, sewing…..especially in poor light.

My daughter has had surgery to correct her myopia, would it be the same method for me

Yes the sequence of events for the operation and after care are identical.

What are the precautions you must take before the intervention ?

If your surgery is planned for the afternoon or evening can you work beforehand. After Lasik, there is no need to disrupt your professional occupation during the following days. If your intervention is planned for the morning, it is advisable to return home afterwards.

Avoid high consumption of alcohol.

It is not permitted to wear makeup and all makeup should be removed 24 hours before the intervention.

What precautions should I take after the intervention ?

Do not do activities that could traumatise or bruise the eye (sport, playing with children, DIY…).

Avoid putting water or soap in your eyes whilst in the bathroom on the evening of you surgery.

Instead apply your prescribed eye drops at regular intervals. Do not rub your eyes and in the case of irritation apply hydration lubricant eye drops, which are the only real way to calm the discomfort.

You should wear your protective eye shells (provided) during the night for the first week and in the case of sunlight sensitivity it is recommended that you wear sunglasses outside.

Can I be confident of the result announced by the surgeon ?

Yes but it is important to know that in the case of an imperfect result further surgery may be required to optimise vision.

Are there any risks with this operation ?

The risks are rare thanks to the method and the experience of the surgeon. In fact we would estimate that the risks of the operation are no higher than the risks of wearing lenses.