How do you correct presbyopia ?

A question that we did not even ask 20 years ago, as glasses were the only option and something that everyone will have to wear from a certain age. Contact lenses have since arrived but are only suitable for 3% of presbyopia cases. The present day surgical techniques:
- Laser correction by « lasik » from 40 years old
- Intraocular lens implants from 55 years old

Laser surgery

For nearly 20 years myopics have benefited from laser treatment, even hypermetropic and astigmatic patients have profited. This surgery is now used very frequently.

Presbyotics can now, like the younger patients benefit from laser treatment to improve vision. However it is more complicated because you must correct both the near and far vision and a compromise must be found for each one.

Surgeons have deveveloped their own techniques based on their personal experience

- « Bascule »
One eye is corrected to be able to see far objects, the other is corrected to be able to focus on close objects. The brain must then adapt to this new situation which is not always tolerated due to the loss of binocular vision.

- Multifocal treatment of the Cornea
This treatment necessitates an important compromise as it results in an image which is not very bright or clear (reduction of visual acuity and sensitivity to contrast, nocturnal halos)

- Intracor
A new method: this employs concentric intra corneal incisions using the femtosecond laser on one eye in general. This technique adresses only <> presbyopics (without additional defualts)

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- PresbiViz
The latest in technology has arrived; LASER BLENDED VISION technology.

This is the culmination of 5 years of clinical studies by Professor Dan REINSTEIN in London and in partnership with the Zeiss society (see publications of Prof Dan Ranstein).

Following precise study of the respective cornea, it permits bespoke treatment based on the individual presbyopia case.This is complete and proven method which can be reproduced to ensure efficiency.

This method is achieved through use of the complete Zeiss platform which consists of the CRS Master, the femtosecond laser and the Mel 80 and is named PresbiViz.

This method is reliable, painless and is suited to most people. The large majority of cases are performed successfully with excellent acceptance rates.

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