How do you correct presbyopia ?

A question that we did not even ask 20 years ago, as glasses were the only option and something that everyone will have to wear from a certain age. Contact lenses have since arrived but are only suitable for 3% of presbyopia cases. The present day surgical techniques:
- Laser correction by « lasik » from 40 years old
- Intraocular lens implants from 55 years old


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  • Glasses « half-moon » to correct near vision
  • Progressive glasses correct near, middle and distance vision taking into account any associated optical defaults (myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism)

A generation of 40-60 year olds who don’t want to be dependent on glasses :
  • We can wear them ad hoc - as and when we need them, but it takes time to find them, put them away and to keep them clean…
  • Or we can wear them full-time but that becomes difficult to live with!


- Sophie, a fashion conscious mother likes to dress like her daughters in leggings and boots, she claims that « her glasses give her away »

- « Earrings and nights out wearing low cut trendy tops don’t go well with glasses » says Florence

- « On my son’s wedding day I wore glasses with a hat which made me look like the Queen of England » declares Catherine

- Christian, who plays lots of sport at the weekend, is annoyed: « Jogging, cycling, tennis, swimming….glasses are just irritating »