Cost analysis
  • Cost analysis

Cost analysis


Good quality progressive glasses cost around €300, and including the price of the frames can cost as much as €800. Be aware! Furthermore, if you are very fashion conscious these costs can increase again as glasses are a fashion sensitive product and it is likely that you will change your glasses every 2 year according to the change in your vision.


Their cost increases depending on their complexity: they are more expensive for presbyopia than for a simple default like myopia. The average annual cost is around €600 for lenses and associated cleaning products. You must also consider the cost of the check-ups with your contactologist which are not covered by the national health or social security.

Intraocular lens implants

The estimated cost is between €4000 and €5000 for both eyes. This price includes the intervention itself, clinic expenses, surgeon’s fees as well as the cost of the actual implants. In the case of cataracts there is some remuneration available through Social Security and/or your health insurance.


Laser correction of presbyopia costs between €3000 and €3500 for both eyes; this includes all associated exams, the intervention itself and 3 months of post operative care and check-ups. The cost of a PresbiViz operation therefore pays for itself after 5years when compared to the cost of glasses or lenses.

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Claiming on your health insurance

Each time you change your glasses to increase the necessary optical correction, your health insurance company is obliged to top up the small or non-existent amount supplied by the Social Security.

Consequently, lots of insurance companies make it their interest to fund a part of the cost of the surgery.
It is therefore a good idea to ask your health insurance company the amount that will be reimbursed so you can calculate the cost to you of surgery.